Bailit Health staff is comprised of a close-working team of senior consultants. Multiple team members are involved on most projects. The team is complemented, on an as-needed basis, by a cadre of specialty subject matter experts with whom we have worked for years.

Megan Burns, M.P.P.
Senior Consultant

Megan has worked with Bailit clients on improving the payment and delivery of health care, specifically by supporting efforts of payment reform, behavioral health integration and value–based purchasing.

Megan has performed both applied work and research in payment reform, including supporting the creation of a multi–payer–supported statewide ACO in Vermont, facilitating a stakeholder engagement and quality measurement selection process for a comprehensive payment reform project in New York and co–facilitating a multi–payer, multi–provider bundled payment pilot in Pennsylvania. Megan has multiple published reports on payment reform, including a focused look at payment reform and its effect on safety–net providers in Massachusetts, an examination of new provider compensation efforts as they relate to new payment models for the Commonwealth Fund, facilitators and barriers to payment reform for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and case studies for a Commonwealth Fund brief on shared savings.

Megan has supported behavioral health integration efforts through creating a primary care practice toolkit and training, and by facilitating a work group focused on behavioral health integration for a multi–payer home initiative in Massachusetts. Megan has also co–facilitated the Massachusetts Task Force on Behavioral Health Integration (2013) and the Massachusetts Task Force on Behavioral Health Data Policies and Long Term Stays (2015).

Prior to joining Bailit, Megan developed expertise in hospital operations as a hospital administrator at UPMC Health System. Megan has also worked for a Washington, DC–based think tank, UnitedHealthcare and the New York State Assembly.

Megan earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the State University of New York at Cortland and a Master of Public Policy degree from the Terry Sanford Institute at Duke University.

Selected Publications

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